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In answer to your questions. The title is revealing, but not overly so. I had to read the poem in its entirety to understand how the ti...

I'm writing this critique a little out of order, focusing on originality and impact first, as vision and technique is more difficult to...



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Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
Philosopher, Literary Artist and Entertainer.

My Artistic Philosophies.

Truth is the essence of all art; to look deeper, beyond physical reality and expose the truth that is woven beneath the surface, its purpose.

It is also the purpose of art to not only tell us the truth of ourselves, but to provide an appreciation of all that we have.

Art has no survival value, but instead is one of those things, like friendship and love, which give value to survival. And so, art should never be turned to hate or despair, but should encourage and show an appreciation for those things which make life worth living.

Some Fun Stuff, Just 'Cause...

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I'm an antisocial dark wizard, now bring me some coffee before I turn you into an axolotl :laughing:

Thank you for all faves, llamas, comments, critiques, point donations, features and anything else. They are all appreciated, and I'll probably thank you individually, but thought I'd put up a general thank you in the event I should overlook or miss anyone. :)

If I miss a piece of your artwork, that you particularly want more feedback on, comment or note me with a link and I'll get to it as soon as I'm able. :)

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Stolen from & Questions by TheEmptyChest

1. Is art a hobby to you, or do you plan to make a living off of it? (No judgment, just curious. ;) (Wink))

A little of both. Ideally I'd love to make my living as a poet, author and/or philosopher. However, I also know how difficult it is to achieve these goals. I guess for now, I'm a professional hobbyist. 

2. Has becoming an artist changed your view of yourself or the world?

Not changed exactly... My world view is a constantly evolving thing, and is deeply influenced by my love of philosophy. Becoming an artist has allowed me to develop my aesthetic philosophy, which in turn affects my world view and how I view myself. 

3. What would you say is an artist’s role in society?

I think artists have many roles in society, as observers, commentators, activists for positive change, chroniclers of our times, entertainers, philosophers, advocates of beauty in all its forms. But most of all, I think it is an artist's role to reflect, to be as a mirror to the world so that it may see itself and grow. 

4. Are there any themes that consistently show up in your art?

My poetry is a bit... manic-depressive... The themes that consistently turn up are all sunshine and daisies, or all doom and gloom. Love, romance, beauty, humour, and depression, isolation, death, suicide, loneliness.

5. Describe a real-life situation that inspired you. (It may be something that happened directly to you, or it may be something that happened to someone else but you knew about it.)

:aww: Late night calls with my ex-girlfriend. :love: 

6. What is some memorable feedback you’ve received on your work?

Err... Pass. I'm much better at remembering the feedback I give than that which I receive. :shrug:

7. Is there anything you dislike about the art world?

Bitchiness and elitism. 

8. Name an artist, living or dead, who you’d like to critique your work.

Spike Milligan or Roald Dahl for my poetry and fiction. Bertrand Russell for my philosophical pieces (not an artist, but still.)

9. Do you have a specific “method”? (For example, if you’re a writer, do you start out with an overall idea and then work down to the details, or do you start with details and work your way up to an overall idea?)  

No. I tend to just go with the flow, sometimes that means starting with details or a "big picture" other times it means just sitting down and seeing what ends up on the page. 

10. How do you know when a work is finished?

Art is never finished, it is merely abandoned. :laughing: Truer words were never spoken. No matter how sure you are that you're finished, in an hour, a day, a week, you'll find something else to edit... So, art is finished when you can no longer be arsed with tinkering with it.

11. How do you feel when someone interprets your art differently?

:shrug: It makes no odds to me. I often write very plainly, so there's little room for interpretation. But on those occasions when a piece is open to interpretation, I don't really care if my own meaning is found or if the reader finds their own. 

12. How would you say your work has changed/developed over time?

Like a knife to a whetstone. My work is improving in quality and in consistence of quality. It's become more mature, moving away from the childish Dahl-esque style I once used.

13. Is there any advice you have for aspiring artists (or fellow aspiring artists)?

Yeah, buy shares in coffee. :laughing: Seriously though, I'm not sure I'm qualified to offer advice, but if I were, it'd probably be something along the lines of: "Art is the celebration of the individual, do not compromise that by selling out and simply following the example of others. Forge your own path, and pave it in your own style."

14. And lastly, do you know you’re awesome? (Because you are. Heart

Yeah, but I don't like to brag. =P (You're awesome too TheEmptyChest :rose:)

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